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Transfer your films to DVD with a Timeless Moments transfer
transfer reel to reel, slides, filming

35 mm slides and prints to DVD and Data Disc - an incredible 60p per slide!

Price includes menu, music, titles, PhotoDVD & 4000dpi tiff files on data disc or hard drive. Surely the best value deal in the UK today

Timeless Moments gives you much more

Using our Nikon high resolution slide scanners we can breathe new life into those old 35 mm slides. The scanner is especially designed to get the best out of slides and will automatically compensate for fade, exposure, colour and even remove


scratches, dust, fingerprints and dirt, magically rebuilding the correct image. Once scanned the software can improve the image further. Each slide or print is scanned at 4000 dpi (150MB), large enough for an advertising billboard and will give superb prints at A4 or even A3 size. We do not charge more for output as a tiff file.

PhotoDVD & Data Discs included

We donít just scan your images and give them back to you on a data disc, because unlike most other companies in the UK we include in the price a fantastic photoDVD for immediate viewing on your TV. All your photos are organised in the order you require, titled, set to beautiful background music with pan and zoom effects and simple dissolve transitions between each slide. You decide on the duration of the image on screen, weíll then add a navigation menu and produce a beautiful DVD case illustrated with the best shots on the front and rear of the case. Click on the Baby and Daddy picture for an example of the photo DVD.

Digital ICE™ included as standard!

Digital ICE™ is the industry standard system for computerised digital restoration of film (CDRF). Developed by Nikon for use with their high end slide scanners, only a highly trained individual using the latest photoshop software can come anywhere close to the level of restoration that can be achieved with Digital ICE™ and the cost would be extremely high to hand touch up each and every frame to the level of Digital ICE™ restoration could take between 10 minutes and 2 hours depending on the amount of restoration required per slide.

Digital ICE™ restores the photographs in 4 different ways shown below:

DI-image correction


Digital ICE™ (Image Correction & Enhancement) Digital ICE™ works in tandem with Nikonís special LED illumination to remove surface defects like dust and scratches from a scanned image without altering the underlying composition, details or any other elements of the original image.



DI-digital ROCDigital ROC™ (Restoration Of Color)

Digital ROC™ restores colours lost through fading of the original film. After calculating the amount of colour shift, it then instantly rebuilds and restores the deteriorated colour values automatically. The results are faithfully rendered
digitised images.




DI-Digital GEM & DEE

Digital GEM™ (Grain Equalisation & Management)

Digital GEM™ reduces the effects of film grain. It reads the grain details in film, extracting all the vital data related to image quality and color. The resulting images are sharp, clear and devoid of grain clumping or graininess.



Digital DEE™ (Dynamic Exposure Extender)

Digital DEE™ makes its debut in Digital ICE4 Advanced™. This new feature helps reveal details that are sometimes lost in shadows and highlights. It compensates for the underexposure of backlit subjects or shaded areas as well as the overexposure of brightly lit areas.


Digital Ice works by using infrared light to detect the dust and dirt particles stuck to your film. Even after blasting the film with 100 psi clean air some of these particles are still present and chemically bonded to the film. Kodachrome uses a lot of silver particles in itís emulsion. These particles refract the infra red light differently to normal dirt and can cause digital artifacts in the final scan.

In the worst cases it can even produce no scan at all. Here at Timeless Moments we have worked out a way to use Kodachrome and digital ice together but only on 35mm slides and larger. For smaller slides like the 126 format it is not possible to use Digital Ice reliably. 126 format films are still corrected for discolouration but may still show significant dirt and scratches that unfortunately can only be removed by photoshop which is extremely time consuming and very expensive.

di - core technology06

Core Technology



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